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[380 Pages]

46x245x31mm, 2kg
[Cover] 400g Olin Smooth High White
[Cover Strap]

300g Discoverme Neblina
[Inlay] 120g Olin Regular High White, 50g Olin Regular Absolute White, 150g Galery Art Silk, 100g Discoverme Neblina
[Techniques Used] Cmyk, Spot Color, Enhanced B/W Lithographic Printing; Positive Blind Embossing; Lacquering; Foiling; Silkscreen Printing
[Box] 1.5mm Laser-Cut Cardboard; Hand Glued, Debossed, With Hand-Made Uv Paint Silkscreen Printing
[Additional For The Limited Edition] 49x49cm Poster
[Edition] 1500 Hand Numbered Copies