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SOMESLASHTHINGS CHAPTER005 02 rick owens cashmere and paul harnden dvd.jpg

[384 pages] 
[Cover] rives gloss recycled tactile bright white 170g 
[Cover strap] rives gloss recycled tactile bright white 120g 
[Inlay] keaykolour 100% recycled snow particles 170g, keaykolour original 120g & 170g, keaykolour 100% recycled graphite 300g, cocoon silk 135g & 170, cyclus offset 115g & 140g, cyclus print 115 & 150 
in collaboration with Antalis, Arjowiggins Creative Papers, Arjowiggins Graphic, & Comelli 
[Box] 1.5mm laser-cut card using keaykolour 100% recycled graphite 120g with debossing 
[Edition] 1500 hand-numbered copies / Rick Owens perfumed cashmere / 'Pattern mill' dvd by Paul Harnden & Stuart Pitkin