“Essius” read backwards reads “Suisse” the word for Switzerland in French, is a Swiss brand based in Zurich, and made in Italy. The first collection to be shown in Paris is a meticulous interpretation on modern menswear, with very close detail paid to its heritage and its consumer. The brand draws inspiration from Dadaism naturally so, having began in Zurich.
Applying the core ideal of Dadaism onto the collection by turning something ordinary into something conceptual and groundbreaking. The designer applies subtle details to the classical suit and coat. With designs applied replicating the reflection of the swiss mountains in the sea and introducing a tie which is cut from just below the knot, a very traditional tie in Switzerland yet a new perspective on a very traditional piece of menswear. Describing their man as a younger career-man who doesn’t care to blend in with the classical archetype of mens business dress.

Behind the scenes at Essius Autumn-Winter 2016-17 presentation during Paris Fashion Week, January 2016. 
Photography by Emine Lundsten | S/TUDIO
Text by Sabina Vanegas | S/TUDIO