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"A gravestone stands as the full stop to human life like the end of a really good book. In a state of grief we bury our loves, friendships and favourite faces into the soil. The course is complete. Our bodies are laid down into the Earth to synchronise with its natural surroundings, and there, above our burial, we stand as stone: Stone memories, stone lives, stone faces. Once we die, those who survive us give us a new face in the form of a headstone. And once they too have gone, our headstones are no longer adorned with flowers and cards and trinkets, but with the Earths natural paint and colours. Every year it receives a new lick of paint from Mother Nature, because like in life, our new face is left to battle all kinds of weathers, maturing with new details, lines and features as the years pass by. ‘Face Paint’ explores our existence beyond breathing and the beauty of our new face." Gemma Peden

Gemma Louise Peden is an English photographer based in London. Her Face Paint project captures life upon death, by the movement of graphical games and patterns nature and time creates on gravestones.