On the event of the launching of SOME/DINNER, SOME/THINGS TEAM welcomed in the CONCEPT S/TORE a remarkable selection of guests of its inner circle to announce the upcoming release of S/T MAGAZINE 008

Through the reunion of the Chef Yariv Berreby - presenting an exclusive Menu around refined products, a highlight of artists amongst our pool of talents and a choice of high-range partner brands, all could enjoy the pleasure of new acquaintances by evolving in an atmosphere dedicated to the five senses.

Over the black marble table designed by P O U R N O I R for SOME/THINGS, a tasting menu elaborated by Chef Yariv Berreby with a particular insight of the META/MORPHOSIS of the sea - a fresh foretaste with garden vegetables from grower Joël Thiébault in a piquillos dressing, addictive smoked swordfish capriccios or beets & cillantro over peanuts shortbreads - followed by a festival of a myriad flavors. 

Starting with a trilogy of starters - Marinated Sea Bass on the white-green purest side, Grilled Octopus in shades of purple associated to shiso and red cabbage, Grilled Crayfish in a seafruit broth served on a butternut ravioli - simply melting in mouth. The main dish was elaborated around roasted monkfish mixed with smoked eel and black forest mushrooms - the meeting between sea and soil - and large platters of fregola sprinkled with autumn small veggies. This apex of the savory side was thought as the perfect time for experiencing the magics of unexpectedly sharing this meal altogether.

Especially designed by ceramic artist Monica Prentice for the event, the deep black plates receiving these exclusive culinary creations shown the typical irregularities of craftsmen’s creations - adorned by SOME/THINGS’ « slash ». A renewal to the place of art in usual life - with a table center made of three vases and a candle-box of the same finish. 

On the drink list, Mumm Champagne offered its partnership to the event with a Grand Cru Brut Selection and Cheng Qu had us the honor of serving exclusive Bordeaux wine from exclusive Maisons: Chateau Branda, Chateau l’Enclos and Chateau d’Argan. 

But two other hits of this exclusive event came from the cocktails and bakery Chambelland. Imposing their revolution over the bakery field in Paris by creating gluten-free dense loaves made with a combination of buckwheat and rice flours - the two partners behind the bakery astonished our guests with one special creation, a gluten-free bread of black-color made with squid ink associated to lemon peels and hazelnuts of the most refined taste. Extremely talented alcotherapist Florian Tatsuhito revisited two of his best creations « L’Archevêque » & « Ombre » mixing a range of excellent brands over meticulously arrangement of highest selections.

Through the perfect sound system of latest Devialet 120 Amplifier, guests could enjoy a sur-mesure composition by DMNDS flirting with projections enveloping the complete atmosphere. METAPHASE marvelous visual creations by artists collective GL-OW as a preview of the upcoming line-up in MAGAZINE 008 as well as a special composition of 3D-images specifically matching James Cheng Tan’s vision of the terrestrial and ethereal META/MORPHOSIS by care of FABULOUS’ artists duo.

Not only the olfactive sense could be aroused by luxurious smell of Yariv Berreby’s cuisine, but « artisans » scents makers Mad et Len thought about a precise combination of three of their creations offering a slight floating perfume of META/MORPHOSIS from minerals touches, to volcano fusion towards some fresh vegetal key notes. Smell experiencing the opposite side evolution of the taste.

This launching of an intimate event - gathering around our table people we love to share our values with - in an artistical wave of conviviality certainly sustained its objectives by fully seducing its opening guests. Waiting for the second edition to be organized in the first quarter of 2015, SOME/THINGS invites its followers to take a look at its latest private production before the release of its highly anticipated MAGAZINE 008.

Photography by Wai-Ming Lung , Floriana Castagna & James Cheng Tan | S/TUDIO
Text by Charlotte Robert | S/TUDIO