photography by steinbeisser © all rights reserved

Steinbeisser’s experimental gastronomy with Matthias Schmidt and the LINDENBERG is coming to Frankfurt on the 5., 6. and 7. September 2014. Two-Michelin-Star chef Matthias Schmidt and the LINDENBERG are hosting a creative-culinary event, where a 5-course menu will be served, made of plant-based (vegan) ingredients from biodynamic farming sourced from different regions of Germany.

Located in the charming scenery of the guest community LINDENBERG in a 150 year old restored mansion, the guests will go on a new mouth-watering culinary journey. The cutlery is crafted from metal and tool leftovers by contemporary ironsmith and designer, Nils Hint and artist Deborah Rudolph’s dishes created from cut stone, will give the tableware a new extraordinary shape.

Billy Wagner, host and multiple Sommelier of the year, will be curating the wine list.

photography by steinbeisser © all rights reserved

Matthias Schmidt is chef de cuisine at the Villa Merton, with his own style, fresh ideas and a lot of sensibility in terms of regionality, sustainability and traceability of the products. With his joy for experimenting, he already made some culinary discoveries, like beech sprout leaves and sweet cicely root, which has earned him a prestigious two Michelin stars. Matthias will be responsible for the creative development of the menu and its implementation on the three event nights.

The cutlery. Nils Hint is a contemporary smith and designer, artist and inventor. For the event he made a series of cutlery from metal and tool leftovers from the former Soviet Union. He collects metal pieces, old tools and cutlery from flea markets and junkyards in Estonia, and recycles them in his smithy.

The dishes. Deborah Rudolph is a contemporary jewellery artist and stonecutter. For the event she made a series of dishware from stones that were sourced in Germany. She shapes and structures stones like agate and slate, enhancing the individual character of each stone.

The artists’ pieces can be purchased throughout the event.

photography by steinbeisser © all rights reserved

The LINDENBERG is neither a hotel nor is it a living community. And yet it is both: a guest community. Length of stay at the LINDENBERG is timeless. Overnight guests are as welcome as are guests that are looking for a home away from home for a few days, weeks’ months or even years. Behind the facade of the almost 150-year old city mansion the LINDENBERG awaits its guests in the heart of Frankfurt with ten fully equipped one- and two-bedroom suites, as well as a number of beautiful rooms for common use. Lovingly, yet progressively restored with a touch of unpretentious chic.

The event is taking place on the 5., 6. and 7. of September 2014 at 7 p.m. at The LINDENBERG at Rückerstrasse 47 in Frankfurt.

Text by Nicklas Thrysøe | S/TUDIO