illustration by eloise gouby | S/TUDIO

Why the "Haïku" title? Does it imply a japanese touch?
Yes, H A Ï K U is inspired by the concept of Japanese poems.
We do believe that parties are like poems: short and fantasist like the french expression 'it is last like un "déjeuner de soleil"'. Our company is called H A Ï K U / Poèmes Festif

How do you think you are raising the level of the parisian nights?
We do not pretend to raise any level, we just try to express ourselves the best we can during each party we handle, bringing our sensibility/eye/feeling on any details that can make the difference.

How do you process your lineup? Are you mixing styles and genres and/or thinking by themes?
We only invite friends and artist we like, not only for their music but for their (good) vibe and energy.

How did the two of you meet? What are you each bringing to the Haiku universe?
We met 3 years ago during The Cirque Bonheur parties. We share the same spirit and friendliness at the point to wish to co-host parties such as H A Ï K U.
We do not have specific task even if Nadir is THE guy who brings great DJs playing for us thanks to his strong background and passion. For the rest it's our secret recipe.

Who are the perfect Haïku-ers in your opinion?
Everyone is a H A Ï K U-er, just release yourself.

What shall ideally be the next Haïku level?
We love the idea of collaborations, we have a great souvenir of Lost In A Moment party with INNERVISIONS music label. We would love to extend more the visual side of it. Doing a collaboration with SOMETHINGS is a nice example of what we are looking for.

illustration by eloise gouby | S/TUDIO

Mule Musiq Records / Henrik Schwartz / Prins Thomas / Toshiwa Kawasaki

Espace Pierre Cardin 1 Avenue Gabriel 75008 Paris

H A Ï K U / presales 18 euros, on site 23 euros

Illustrations by Eloïse Gouby & interview by Charlotte RobertS/TUDIO