10SEI0OTTO (dieciseizerotto) was born from the union between Tiziano, a fashion designer, and Paolo, a visionary creator of leather clothes. They created an exclusive, modern and sophisticated brand with a strong focus on quality and craftsmanship. Through its one of a kind designs, the brand talks to a modern and educated fashion

market able to acknowledge the specificity of its garments. In their words: "We want to dress people who are not afraid to change and experiment with our clothes". Every single piece is handmade in Italy by expert artisans. 

The dancer's moves aim is to emphasis the softness and elasticity of the stretch leather, one of 10sei0otto's speciality.

10SEI0OTTO will be having a party at Silencio on wednesday 21st of January 


Dancer Joel Borgol
Music by BVF / Inside Flesh
Video by Michal Andrysiak 
Styling by Marc Göhring
Text by Celine Bischoff

Bureau Haiati