photography by michal andrysiak

photography by michal andrysiak

photography by michal andrysiak

C.R. Talk to me about you as an artist - when did you fell in love with electronic music and what did you study?

MAGDA I have always been into art. In fact since I was young I knew I was going to become a graphic designer with no doubt in my mind. My mother taught me a lot in that respect and that's what I studied in school. However, all of a sudden I found myself submerged in a subculture that would set the tone for the next phase of my life. It started by discovering a secret techno party in a shitty boarded up building. It felt really futuristic to hear raw machine music reduced to just a few sounds which morphed and slowly changed. It drew me in completely and here I am today. In general I feel I am always for a line in between sounds and various art forms which create something new and push things forward. 

C.R. Can you tell me a bit about the process of your creation? How the music comes to your head and hands? out of the < noise of the world > you create your own little music that is touching and/or inspiring for many listeners - you translate it into your own identity, your own space of creation. Is there some conceptualization into your intents/ideas? Do you come with the concepts? If so, do the concepts come first or does the musicality come first? 

MAGDA I listen to a lot of different music at home. Its important to hear things at different times of a day and different moods. Things can sound completely different. I gather lots of inspiration this way. Doing field recordings also helps to find some really interesting sounds to work with. When I go in the studio everything  depends on how I feel that day. That will dictate how I choose to approach things. Sometimes I have a specific goal or structure in mind and other times I just start messing with machines and go with the flow. It is important to have some kind of narrative to start with but I prefer to keep the concept pretty loose because all the fun is the experimentation. 

C.R. Magda, you are from Detroit, how much inspiration could you find from the vibrating atmosphere of this city? Did the recent events influence your ability of creation, had an impact on your music?

MAGDA Growing up in Detroit was the most important period of my life. It was a harsh lesson in culture, discrimination, reality and absurdity. Those times taught me more than I could ever imagine and gave me an eye and ear for certain things. It really shapes who I am today. It's a very rough place with a lot of soul. Growing up it was a ghost town due the race riots in the 70's which destroyed most of the magnificent buildings. That urban decay left a certain raw charm which makes Detroit unlike any other city. There was inspiration at every corner. From the steam rising in the streets, to the run down abandoned structures. I loved driving around and observing all the strange kitsch and there was plenty of it. Any environment I'm in has impact on my music and the process of creation. For example, I recorded my last album in the Polish woods where the fog was very dense and that definitely echoes through the tracks.

C.R. How important are your wished in terms of artistic collaborations? Did you happen to collaborate with other fields of art? You are actually in Paris to represent the Italian brand 10SEI0OTTO, can you talk me about your aspirations towards fashion?

MAGDA I think it's important to collaborate with other artists whatever area they may be in. There is always an interesting angle to work with or a platform for exchanging ideas. I love that. I have always liked people who express themselves in a unique way. collaborating with 10SEI0OTTO is something new and different from my usual club shows so I am definitely looking forward to it. It is a good way for both of us to showcase what we are doing. There should be a stronger exchange between fashion and music because when done right it really creates a powerful experience. 

C.R. To end up with, Magda you are launching a brand of tequila, can you talk me about your passion from this artisanat and ethos behind your brand? Will it be distributed in France and or/in which main country will our followers be able to get it? 

MAGDA My partner is from Mexico and Mexican culture has been a vibrant part of my life since I was young. There came a point when the idea came along to make a tequila and somehow all the pieces fell into place and we knew we must do it. It took a lot of research to find the right producer who uses the highest standard of production. It's very important to us to make a product that's fully organic from beginning to end. I feel the perception of tequila in Europe is not the greatest due to a lack of good tequilas available on the market which are 100% agave. We want to introduce a true artisanal product with a grass of roots approach and show another way of drinking tequila is by sipping it or pairing it with food, rather than doing shots. Of course, it can also be enjoyed in a cocktail. Right now Maria Pascuala will be available through our distributor in Switzerland, Figee Fine Goods, and shortly after in France, Germany, England and Spain. We would like to expand to other territories in the future as well. All the infos are on our website below.

Photography by Michal Andrysiak
Clothes by 10SEI0OTTO
Video by Daniela Huerta
Editing by Morgan Beringer
Music by Cornerbred

Special thanks to Bureau Haiati 

Interview by Charlotte Robert | S/TUDIO