The collaboration between Guangzhou-based artist Qin Jin and SOME/THINGS will bring her solo exhibition ‘When I’m dead’ to Paris - curated by GuangZhou born, Paris based curator FU Hao, founder of Sight Creative Studio. Qin Jin is widely credited for her conceptual and ephemeral works after her graduation from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 2003. 
The exhibition comprises a series of works that, for Qin Jin, revolve around her search for answers while contemplating ‘faith,’ in the context of the symbiosis between life and death. 

Being familiar with idealism, worship of communism and selfless sacrifice as a child of the ending of the Cultural revolution, inspired her to delve into questioning her own creative process and the role ‘faith’ has within. “When I genuinely feel that living is harder than death, when I’m facing those truly outstanding works of art and realizing how hard it is to create them, ‘faith’ becomes the very thing that I truly need.” Qin Jin’s interest and placement of the topic has to do with a general negation of a form of path, which redirects to the focus towards the aim itself, the very destination. 

Qin Jin - 'When I'm Dead' 

''the destruction of the world is the last, almost desperate attempt to save myself from being crushed by it.'' 

Opening 5/02/15 | 7PM - 10PM 
Exhibition 6/02/15 - 10/02/15 | 9AM - 8PM

Curated by Fu Hao
Sight Creative Studio 

at SOME/THINGS | 16 Villa Gaudelet 75011 Paris