Our latest collaborations were showcased on Thursday April 5th during Paris Fashion Week including the first ever ready-to-wear capsule collection called 'ANECHO' by Haans Nicholas Mott & Anastasia Khodkina, the cube vase made of iron with a polished surface 'A single flower vase for three flowers' by Kräfte - Japanese designer Yukio Kimura, the exquisite handmade jewellery 'ICELAND' collection in Murano glass by idonthaveasister - Alexandra Purcaru, the capsule collection of leather jackets & pants by the Italian label 10sei0otto, the buffalo horn sunglass 'S/T Pagoda' by Rigards, the strong 'Krypton' jewellery collection made from steel, chrome, gold & silver by Rock The Rocks - Ronan Masson & Vittoria Mattarese, the incredible molded leather bags 'Mytilus' by Khourianbeer, the refined black, gold & silver 'S/T Rehab 40' watches by Fob Paris and the second addition of Alicia Hannah Naomi's creation, a silver & sapphire pendant with a leather necklace 'Idris'. 


Photography by S/TEAM