photography by adam katz sinding 

Can you tell us more about your background in the fashion industry as a designer?

I previously worked as the personal assistant of "CHARLES ANASTASE” in London. Upon returning to Japan in 2007, I launched the "CHRISTIAN DADA" label during A/W '10. 
My first Runway show commenced A/W '11. On the strength of this collection, I had the honor to work with Lady Gaga and to make costumes for her MTV AID JAPAN AWARD 2011 & followed by her World Tour "THE BORN THIS WAY BALL”.

How did you meet with her? 

I was asked about her costume from Nicola Formichetti assistant and after I designed for her first for MTV AID JAPAN concert. It's a begging. 

How did you choose Paris? 

Having taken part in the premiere exhibition in Berlin and in Singapore, I showed CHRISTIAN DADA in Paris for the first time during S/S '15.

When did you decided to create Christian Dada? How did it started?

In the studio of Mr. Charles Anatase, I was shown how to realize dreams via needles and threads into a complete fashion collection. Hence, when I returned home in Japan I had to start realizing my own dreams in my own way.

photography by adam katz sinding

photography by adam katz sinding

Can you tell us more about your roots? How do you fin the balance between Western/Eastern influence?

My grand father was an embroider and he had actually taken care of me during my childhood. So sometimes I helped him for his embroidery work such as the embroidery of Japanese biker gangs. Then, I mixed western culture and especially the several genres of western music that I listen from a long time ago. 

Can you mention a few of your favorite tracks?

Well it depends on which feeling I have, but If I would say I basically listen to Rock'n roll, but nowadays I enjoy James Blake, The Stone Roses and My bloody Valentine.

photography by adam katz sinding

photography by adam katz sinding

"Dada" in Christian Dada refers to the avant-garde art movement of the XXe, can you tell us more about this inspiration?

Dada is a one of the art movements of the XXe, I'm influenced by the philosophy of their movement such as "Destruction" and "Negation"
Other than that I'm also influenced by the Japanese art collective 'Dumb Type' 

How did the destruction/negation movement inspired you in your creation? as a cycle? 

I meant it's not only creativity, but also a business style. I would like to make a new Japanese fashion brand, because most Japanese fashion brands & designers follow someone you probably already know.

photography by adam katz sinding

How do you translate Dadaism in your collections?

I always create my brand with a destructive perspective. 
As I showed my presentation with the frozen clothes in ice blocks, I would show something that nobody does as the destruction of normal way. 

What is the concept of this season? Especially the tribute to Jay Adams, the Z boys and the 70's Californian skater movement.

I got the inspiration from how Jay Adams lived his life with his hardcore attitude.
Through this collection,  I want to revisit the triumphant days of the Z-BOYS and the rise of skateboarding culture back at the DOGTOWN in California in the Mid -70S as "INVADERS".  I focus the materials and details inspired by the 70's vibe and skaters culture. 

photography by adam katz sinding

photography by adam katz sinding

The collections always seems to be linked with a special music or subculture movement, what inspires you in these movements?

Actually, I always feature the more younger gang & punk culture as an image front when I create the collection, perhaps that may have led you to feel that my collection is always linked with a subculture movement. 

Special thanks to Bureau Haiati 

Interview by James Cheng Tan | S/TUDIO & Mumi Haiati 
Photography by Adam Katz Sinding