eizenstein store photography by paul joyce | S/TUDIO

Eizenstein London is a multi-brand boutique nestled in the heart of vibrant Shoreditch - an area selected premised on its organic growth and rich creative energy. A progressive store endeavoring to close the gap between art and fashion.
Selection encompasses jewellery, accessories and fragrances and a range of womenswear and menswear.
Split over two floors, the design of the store draws its inspiration from Russian Constructivism - a key movement which helped to define the true meaning of ‘Avant-Garde’ through its messages of purity in design and its revolution of a shift towards the integration of art within the social sphere. Aloft the clean lines of the exterior facade stands a towering constructivist female figure with an arm outstretched - a scepter of freedom and an emblem of new ideas- a representative of the ethos and founding principles.
The decor is reactionary in its unfussy design and is a chic hub for niche and cutting edge designers. It’s a destination, which encapsulates the city’s progressive edge, international and future conscious.
The gallery-esque layout is essential to present the array of designs in an artistic light allowing for the true perspective of artisanal to be fully realised.
Eizenstein premise is to be a blank canvas to project whichever mood or unifying theme happens to strike. Allowing the carefully curated selection of products to stand out for themselves, pushing the gallery concept but also allowing for constant changeability.

Selection including :
Julius, 10sei0otto, Isabel Benenato, Rundholz, Serie Numerica , Forme D'Expression, Uma Wang, Simona Tagliaferri, Moon Young Hee, Sid Neigum, Juun J, Masnada , Goti, Goran Horal and Incarnation.

Text Eizenstein & Photography by Paul Joyce | S/TUDIO

Eizenstein London | 105 Redchurch St, LONDON E2 7DL, UK | +44 20 7729 7944 |