Is it here. Homestead. Could we.
Reach. Touch.
Forgiven. Never forgotten.

A tangible approach to mastering a crafts. A name, in which we find solace. What if this name also evokes a dialogue. A conversation between what was and what need be. A sliver of hope can be found in the slightest of moment. Together. 

Simone Cecchetto paints a most particular footwear canvas. A diligent artisan, who steadily connects the past to present, whilst evoking his own take on contemporary craftsmanship. There is no need for him to shout. 

Necessary work. Work that deserves interaction. Never without reflection or intent. On a tucked away side tangent, in a small gallery, its beaten concrete floor a reminder of forlorn times, circles of constructed shoes were placed meticulously. The crisp artificial light stripped the room of any shadows, its only remaining shapes, the pieces we came to explore. Understatement in an age of over-adorning. 

Simone quietly observes the turmoil from a corner, as fellow observers interact with his work. He interjects only when he feels inclined to do so. His words resonate calmly, emphasizing each phase in his deliberate patient process. Through a series of closely shot images, we documented his latest collage. Hand-painted foliage reminiscent sneakers, zipped elongated boots, solemnly welted derbies and an array of tall worked linen coats adorn the walls, hung soberly, marking this quiet congregation. 

There is no need to valuate. No urge to label. These pieces stand alone. Nudged onto their wearers carefully, shaping a bond of motion, as they tread onto new horizons. Simone would not want it any other way.

Photography by Emine Lundsten | S/TUDIO

Text by Marlo Saalmink | S/TUDIO []