ANTWERPEN. 2008. A journey commences: Jan-Jan Van Essche.

That faint brush. Softly. 
Without them.
Garment and wearer. Locked in unison. 
Winter. An astute compatriot.
Singular in its adoration.
A silent gaze. Tangibly resonant.

The work of Jan-Jan Van Essche is not to be reduced to any seasonal dissertation. Contrarily, the curation of his garments is a rather holistic affair. Each array shapes a new chapter to this continuously revolving story. There is no sense of time. No impeachment of haste. Jan-Jan chooses to pause. He envelops. Words are spoken, politely inquisitive and profound.

No obstruction. These pieces aim to liberate their wearers. Individuality suffices to foster novel expressions. Garments appear subservient to morphing as a second skin, carefully complimenting their personal handlers. Evoke. 

Workmanship; rich in its silent conception, hewn finish and loose construction. Observant. His work forms a democratic approach towards the dissection of contemporary wardrobes. Jan-Jan invites us to touch, surround and interact. Craft is the nature of the game. It is played here with such affection. From the supple knits, to the hand loomed elongated shirting, to the liberating loosely tailored jackets, movement can be sensed everywhere.

As we see, we forget to observe others. What is in a name? Many takers. Few mavericks. The Van Essche universe researches so much, yet dictates so little. Rich in its simplicity, these pieces are no solemn decor, but invigorate our stale perception of artisanship. Perhaps this sense of abandonment towards the self-applied seasonal constraints of an ever expanding industry, serves as a powerful reminder.  

It tells us that we, indeed, are part of something much larger.

Photography by Emine Lundsten | S/TUDIO

Text by Marlo Saalmink | S/TUDIO []