The French photographer Corinne Mercadier’s works are based on her own dreams, where she weaves together experiences from childhood and suggestive memories. The pictures often consist of evocative landscapes bordering on abstraction, dramatic compositions, enigmatic characters and frozen movements, as if time stood still.

For many years, Mercadier used a Polaroid film and was dependent on the film's shortcomings to visualize her dreams. It was also those images that became her breakthrough. Mercadier discovered early on that surrealism was the best way to access a new world, and a world of its own. She explores our relationship to the environment and how it affects us and work consciously with her sceneries, manufactures costumes and sketches her images in detail. At the same time, she can work randomly shooting. By throwing objects into the picture she freezes the movement and thus create new, unexpected forms that enhances the mystique of the images. Sometimes the content of the image gets a new meaning. Mercadier describes her creation as a spiral, an eternal return to somewhere else, a new place, with new expressions, tools, models and projects.

Text by Erika Fehre | S/TUDIO