Joseph Goddard is a Leeds based artist predominately concerned with post war architecture, its inherent ideology, formal aesthetics, structural forms and the effect it has upon its inhabitants. He explores these themes in sculpture, photography, painting, installation and print in order to broaden and investigate related ideas.

Drawing together concepts relating to architecture, cityscapes, technology and past civilization's his practice explores the idea of the city as a technology in and of itself. The ideas explored by French Philosopher Paul Virilio, who evokes the idea of the city as a machine underpins much of the works concept. It is through the lens of Virilio that the work is most effectively viewed – the nature of the city; a transmitter and receiver of information rained down on from orbiting satellites and inhabited by the global citizen who absorbs its ideology. Headlines from newspapers and the media have been collected over the past four years and have been painted into the surfaces of the structures literally imbuing them with the media generated zeitgeist.