Noé Duchaufour Lawrance Naturoscopie table at SOME/THINGS SECRET

Born in Mende, France, in 1975, Paris-based designer Noé Duchaufour Lawrance was trained in furniture design at the École des arts décoratifs and in metal sculpture at the École des Arts Appliqués, paris. since gaining worldwide recognition in 2003 for his first commissioned project — the interior of London restaurant sketchDuchaufour Lawrance has worked with Air France on redesigning their business lounges, in addition to creating the perfume bottle shaped like a gold bar for Paco Rabanne, and the brand identity for Yves Saint Laurent cosmetics.

Duchaufour Lawrance's Naturoscopie table will be exhibited during the CHAPTER007 preview event this sunday, june 30th, in addition to a curated design selection from JOYCE WANG, JOSEPH WALSH, and HR GIGER.

Special thanks to Béatrice Saint-Laurent at Galerie BSL