RAIN ROOM BY RANDOM INTERNATIONAL will launch at THE MUSEUM OF MODERN ART , NEW YORK, on 12 May as part of EXPO 1: NEW YORK, a large-scale festival exploring ecological challenges.

Formerly at the Barbican centre in London, Rain room is a large-scale, immersive environment, a field of falling water that pauses whenever a human body is detected. Visitors have a chance to control the rain, in a fluid complicity between presence and movement, technology and human intuition. Visitors become performers, both together and alone in this carefully choreographed downpour.

Known for their distinctive approach to digital-based contemporary practice, Random International’s experimental, interactive projects are documented in their first monograph, produced by some/things agency in collaboration with carpenters workshop gallery. the cover of the monograph and the rain room installation is photographed by nat urazmetova for SOME/THINGS AGENCY,

The final copies of the monograph can be purchased via our online boutique

RAIN ROOM CAN BE EXPERIENCEd AT MOMA from May 12 through July 28, 2013

/ Random International book photographed by DARIO RUGGIERO