Founded in 1829 in Brussels, Delvaux is the oldest fine leather luxury goods company in the world. After adding a shop window to his brussels studio, Charles Delvaux's handcrafted travel trunks quickly gained universal admiration and, in 1883, Delvaux became a warrant holder to the Court of Belgium. After the house first patented the Edison Trunk in 1898, the range was further extended to include luggage, boxes, suitcases, and handbags.

1933, Franz Schwennicke took over the House, introducing the concept of seasonality into leather goods, before his wife Solange succeeded him in 1970 and established Delvaux's reputation internationally. Since 1994, their eldest son, François Schwennicke, has managed the house, together with CEO, Christian Salez, from 2007.

Referred to as 'the Arsenal', Delvaux's headquarters and atelier in Brussels occupies a former maintenance and repair depot for military vehicles. The house continues to uphold a long tradition of innovation by inviting external designers and is currently under the artistic direction of Belgian designer Veronique Branquinho. For more information, visit

photography by matteo carcelli, SOME/THINGS AGENCY