SOME/THINGS GALLERY is a private dynamic space. It acts as a physical extension of the magazine, exhibiting works featured within the pages of the publication, as well as projects and pieces commissioned exclusively for S/T.

Only by appointment | For any enquiries [visit, rent, event, etc] please email us

S/T GALLERY offers high-quality limited run publications, photographic & art prints, fashion & textile items, lifestyle & home accessories, & design objects.

These LIMITE/DITIONS are available both offline & online.

SOME/ART | Artwork, Sculpture, Painting, Photography, Drawing, Book

Edouard Beau, Laurent Segretier, GL-OW, Nora Renaud, Sarunas Bartas, Robert Montgomery, Athina Kazolea, Bernhard Edmaier, Billy Kidd, Robinson Savary, Matthew Stone, Wayne Liu, Kostas Ordolis, Johan Sandberg, Bernhard Edmaier, Sarunas Bartas, Nicholas Alan Cope & Dustin Edward Arnold, Martin D'Orgeval

SOME/FASHION | Clothes, Hat, Gloves, Pants, Shirts, Tops, Jewellery, Bags

Boris Bidjan Saberi, LDVC, Alicia Hannah Naomi, Brethren, No No Yes!, 10sei0otto, Anecho by Haans Nicholas Mott & Anastasia Khodkina, Rigards, Rock the Rocks, Kuboraum, Guidi, Horisaki, idonthaveasister by Alexandra Purcaru, Xenophora, Khourian Beer, Leon Louis, The Last Conspiracy

SOME/DESIGN | Furniture, Table, Desk, Chair, Library, Drawer, Coffee Table, Bench

Soha by Denis Milovanov, Yukio Kimura, Noe Duchaufour Lawrence, Joyce Wang, Pournoir, Iota Element, Lumen et Umbra, S/T, Kräfte, Joseph Dirand, Amine Eon Amharech, Lukas Machnik, Carpe Diem

SOME/LIFESTYLE | Candle, Perfume, Stationery, Music, Accessories

Mad Et Len, Claustrum, Hasselblad, Devialet, Monica Prentice, Fob Paris

Exhibitions | Art, Photography, Installations

Pierre Gonnord, Amine Eon Amharech, Sarunas Bartas, Bernhard Edmaier, Maurizio Altieri, Nora Renaud, Athina Kazolea, Kostas Ordolis, Robinson Savary, Adrien Dirand, Aoi Kotsuhiroi, Dustin Edward Arnold & Nicholas Alan Cope, Joseph Dirand, Kei Kagami, Nicholas Julitta, Paul Harnden, Qin Jin, Cendrillon Belanger, Edouard Beau, Louis Cyprien Rials, Monika Bielskyte

Presentations | Fashion, Jewellery

Linda Farrow x Boris Bidjan SaberiGuidi, Amy Glenn, Paris Kain, Abraxas Rex, Debra Baxter, Arielle De Pinto, Bernard Delettrez, Greg Chait, Valus Archiva, Adal, Alice WaeseYarde Buller, Tupa, Re//search, Komakino, Wan Hung Cheung, Harry Halim, Claustrum, Cedric Jacquemyn, Lumen Et Umbra, Aurora Mejia Lopez, Shao Yen, Dimissianos & Miller, Xenophora, Tagliovivo, 10sei0otto, ... 

Showrooms | Fashion, Jewellery, Design

Lumen Et Umbra, Adal, Iota Element, Fob Paris, Boris Bidjan Saberi, GreenlikeU

S/TORY | Dinners

SOME/DINNER001 featuring Yariv Berreby, Florian Tatsuhito, Chambelland, Mumm Champagne & Orgyness

SOME/DINNER002 featuring Tablées Cachées

Get Together | Cocktails

Combining profiles from various fields such as Arts, Media, Music, Cinema, Gastronomy, Design, Architecture, Business, Science & Technology

Talks/Conferences | Coming Soon


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