constructed and manufactured

at times imperfect

a trick of vision

a visage that takes form

the mutation of shape

reverberation without sound

the accuracy of programming

space without light

production without productivity


alice auaa 2017 spring&summer collection TRIANGLE/FULL-Ver.

Designer/Director: Yasutaka Funakoshi

Styling: Mai Hayashi

Hair&Make-up: Nori

Cast: Yasutaka Funakoshi, Sylvia L, Katarzyna Drenda 

Direction, Cinematography, Editing, 3D scan + modeling : BFV/INSIDE FLESH

Music: Tomohiko Sagae

production TAKA BABYLON

alice auaa

First released in exclusivity for SOME/THINGS



INSIDE FLESH is a multimedia project started in 2007 by BFV (Piotr Wegrzynski) – founder and leader of the artist collective SUKA OFF, who have created numerous works across visual theatre, performance art, photography, installation, video art, music videos and visuals since 1995. Their work has always been focused on human carnality in all its aspects.

In both live and video works, they’ve been working with the body without faking anything that could be done for real. Because the theatre, art and even alternative club scene were putting limits to their experiments with sexual imagery, it was only a matter of time that they would make their way into pornography.

Since 2014 INSIDE FLESH has been creating fashion videos in collaboration with various designers, including 0770, Ammunition Couture, Barbara Bologna, Creepy Yeha, Majesty Black, Monarc1, Leonard Wong and others. Also in 2014, Nick Knight used a selection of INSIDE FLESH short videos for Nicola Formichetti's DIESEL fashion show in Venice.

INSIDE FLESH has so farworked with fashion designers, musicians, performers and models in Europe, US and Asia.


Sylvia Lajbig | Poland based performance artist and model.

After being a university teacher (classical philology) for few years, she gave up on her academic career to focus on performance art. Her passion for Greek mythology remained one of the strongest influences in her work.

In 2003 she joined the artist collective SUKA OFF, where she’s been creating performances together with her partner Piotr Wegrzynski / BFV. Since 2007 she’s also been collaborating with him on most INSIDE FLESH productions as performer, model, stylist, author of self-portraits and occasionally assistant director.

Since 2014 she’s been collaborating with fashion designers like 0770, Alice Auaa, Barbara Bologna, Creepy Yeha, Majesty Black, Monarc 1, Leonard Wong and others as model and performer.