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Featuring Tagliovivo S/S17 leather jackets & bags collection


Tagliovivo in Italian means raw cut. This concept expresses the identity of the brand, a combination between a rough look and a luxury product. Leather and metal are the key elements of the products.

The leathers are vegetable tanned and they are completely natural. The selection of leather litterally maintains a certain aesthetic preservation – all of the original signs, scars and features are visible on the bags. Tagliovivo doesn't want to reject something that was part of the animal's life, it is a form of respect of their life. This rough leather reminds of the nature and the wild life, therefore they aim to enhance the most natural elements.

All the iron accessories are hand made, so they are unique pieces. Most of the buckles they use are rings which comes from ancient wrought iron chains from the second half of the nineteenth century.

Beside the bags, Tagliovivo is now focusing on a new collection of men's leather jackets, shown here, following a well-defined concept that is to propose a modern interpretation of classic jackets, like biker jackets from the 70’s and denim jacket from the 90's.